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Guest today!

Diane Loosle, manager for the FamilySearch Community Services, will be joining the meeting for a few minutes. We look forward to hearing from her today! The message Diane shared with us included:

  • Thank you for all the work you have done in the wiki. We appreciate all that you do!
  • With all that you do, we also are concerned about getting burned out. We remind ourselves and everyone to be careful and not over-do to the point of burn out. We need you!!!
  • The Wiki needs more people just like you! We encourage everyone to get out there and find others with skills like yourself to come help us develop the Wiki.
  • The core team for the Wiki essentially disappeared during the summer in an effort to find solutions to help improve the community efforts to help others. You will see the first results of those efforts in the coming months. Brief announcements are listed below.

Q & A

Links for FamilySearch Catalog entries

  • Q: The plans for persistent links for FamilySearch Catalog entries. A: Diane will find out the answer to this question and post it on the discussion page for this project. Note that the project page and discussion page are in the process of being created. I will add the link to that page when it's ready. --Fran 22:54, 15 December 2009 (UTC)
With the template that I started a while back, I do not believe persistent links are absolutely needed. The template is waiting for an extension upgrade or to be enabled. After that is done, I can quickly finish the template. If the links change, the template could quickly be updated. Some other cases may exist that I have not thought about. I do know that I have some requests concerning the links though and it would be good to discuss that once the project page is created. I am not 100% sure what will be on the project page, but if it has to do with what I just mentioned, I would like to take this project by its horns (from previous meetings, I felt like I have already volunteered for this and am glad to keep it). Thomas Lerman 22:41, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Help me understand which extension upgrade is needed or needs to be enabled. How was this request submitted and is there a case number for the request? I didn't realize you have already created a template that will help with this issue. Perhaps the "project" page should be the discussion page of the template. I also wanted to look at the Manual of Style to see if there was a page or section that discusses the FamilySearch Catalog links that could be used as a "project" page for this issue. Does anyone have any another thoughts on this? --Fran 16:19, 17 December 2009 (UTC)
Sure, I would be happy to help understand. The last time I brought it up was the 08 Dec Community Meeting. I included the case number, manual of style, template discussion pages, forums, etc. I will be glad to explain this all further if the links in that meeting do not help. I believe Steve was going to make the request too, but do not know if he actually did (I am not sure if I know his case number). I believe that link is in the 08 Dec meeting too. It seems this extension request and the template keep getting forgotten about. That is okay, at least I am remembering ;-). Thomas Lerman 16:34, 17 December 2009 (UTC)
Thomas is right, I also submitted a request (October 21, 2009) for the StringFunctions to be installed in the wiki (CaseID:1304647). I was told: We close this case as an enhancement request so that the product management will be notified. --Steve 16:55, 17 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Ok, now I'm understanding the reason(s) for the requests and how they are related to the FamilySearch Catalog template. I was beginning to think this was two separate requests for different reasons. Right now I think the best way to document in the Wiki the requests and the need for the requests is to move this discussion to either the discussion page for the template or the template documentation discussion page. Does anyone have a better idea? We need enough documentation about the requests and the need or justification for the requests in order to move them up in priority. As far as I know right now, the requests never made it past the original submission (which ended up give us a case ID number). When we have added the details onto one of the pages in the Wiki, I will reopen the case and add a link to the wiki page containing those details and assign the case to the right person who will get this on the backlog. Thanks Steve for the additional case details. Thanks everyone for following through with the details and history behind this request! --Fran 21:02, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

Status of

  • Q: Maps on Labs status. A: The Maps project is currently on hold due to resources being used elsewhere for the community Wiki and Forums. The Maps project successfully links to the Wiki, but the Wiki does not link to the Maps very successfully at this time. The hope is that this project will help us move toward a community effort to expand this effort beyond the work that has already been done for England to other localities of the world. A community effort is needed to accomplish this task. Your ideas are very needed!!!

New FamilySearch

  • Q: New FamilySearch has many logic errors with relationships between individual records. It's hopeful that more logic can be built into the system to prevent these errors. A: The idea is that the data on new FamilySearch will operate much like a Wiki, wherein anyone can come in and fix the data. Continued efforts to more toward features that will help resolve these issues are ongoing.


Information items

  • The new FAQ page for technical questions - use the discussion page to add your suggestions for technical questions that would be good to include.
  • In the near future there will be an improvement to the way in which categories can be added to pages in the Wiki. "In the near future" is about all I know, so check back often for these changes! Be sure to send in feedback as you test the new design for categories!!! --Fran 20:51, 15 December 2009 (UTC)
  • Another change we will see in the near future is related to the Wiki login process. Improvements are coming, but the exact date is unknown. As always, your comments and suggestions are appreciated! --Fran 20:51, 15 December 2009 (UTC)
The new login process for the Wiki is now live! After you have logged in with your new or existing LDS Account, be sure to Combine your new login account with the old one by clicking on the link to "Combine Accounts." If you have any questions or problems, use the option to send feedback or report a problem. --Fran 06:19, 22 December 2009 (UTC)

Discussion items

A place for community discussions

  • Last week in the Community Meeting we discussed the idea of creating a project page for discussion items that come up repeatedly in the weekly meeting. The goal is to simplify the review of all previous discussion for a single topic by consolidating the discussion on a single page. This consolidation will make it possible for new community participants to catch up on a previous discussion and join in by adding their own ideas to the project discussion page. As a result of this discussion last week, the creation of a technical discussion page is coming soon. Wikipedia has a discussion page for technical questions that is linked from their Village pump. Their Village pump also has discussion areas for policies, persistent proposals, and miscellaneous items.I am trying to think of a good name for the page other than "Village pump." Any suggestions? --Fran 16:57, 12 December 2009 (UTC)
Previous discussions about the proposal for a "Village pump" discussion area on FamilySearch Wiki include -

As a suggestion for an alternative term for Viliage Pump, how about Community Corner, which is a phrase that I have noticed Kara using. It would encompass these meetings as well as the proposed discussion pages. --Steve 08:58, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

Ideas suggested in the meeting:

  • Community Workshop
  • Prime the Pump
  • Community Projects
  • Review the Chat below for other ideas that were mentioned.

Portal to un-portal project

  • The new portal to un-portal project page! The first technical discussion page has already been created. I chose the "Portal to Un-portal" status as the first page to create due to it's repeated inclusion on the Community Meeting agenda for the past several months. Now, if you have a question concerning the status of the Portal to un-portal project, you can go straight to the page to see the current status. In addition, you can sign up on the page to volunteer to help with the conversions. --Fran 17:06, 12 December 2009 (UTC)
A BIG thank you to dsammy, JamesAnderson, and Steve for their help in updating nearly the entire status of the new portal to un-portal project page! When I reviewed the page a few minutes ago, I was amazed at how much they had accomplished. Thank you so much for all you do to help make the Wiki the best it can be! --Fran 05:40, 11 December 2009 (UTC)

Ethnic and religious groups

More and more content is being added to the Wiki and the Forums (Social Group) for African-American research. In some cases the African-American topic has been added to the state topic lists. This effort is very much a work in progress and we are very grateful for the efforts being made to improve the content for this type of research. Please be patient with those who are developing this content. Offer suggestions on talk/discussion pages and be sure everyone feels welcome and appreciated for the work they are doing.

If anyone has an idea for solving the issue of listing the ethnic groups or religious groups on the topic list, please add your ideas here for right now. This subject may end up as a "mini-project" page, or maybe something linked from the Manual of Style. Perhaps we need some guidelines in the Manual of Style for the "groups" around the world including ethnic and religious groups. If there is something already in the Manual of Style for this subject, feel free to create the link to that page. --Fran 22:16, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

I would suggest replacing the topic Minorities with Ethnic Groups. I think this term is broad enough to cover groups based on shared heritage, faith, culture or ideology. --Steve 08:00, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
Agree - I like this suggestion. (Would all community meeting members please weigh in on this?) --Fran 15:24, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
Absolutely! Who is to decide what group is a minority? What if the minority becomes the majority, would be have to change it? Ethnic Groups sounds more inclusive to me of the diversity that surrounds everyone. Thomas Lerman 22:46, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
I agree totally with Thomas' comment! I have always disliked the term minorities because its meaning changes over time and boundaries. I'm OK with ethnic groups. Is it inclusive enough to embrace religious groups?Jbparker 22:57, 16 December 2009 (UTC)
I do think the term can be broad enough to include religious groups (see, Merriam-Webster, Collins, Wordsmyth and Maybe if this was explained clearly within the wiki this would ease your concern? --Steve 07:24, 17 December 2009 (UTC)

FamilySearch Catalog linking with template?

As far as I can see, there is only one specific portion in the url is linked to specific record. Will it be retained in whatever new format will be for the FamilySearch Catalog? dsammy 21:12, 15 December 2009 (UTC)

Absolutely. I started a template for the FamilySearch Catalog a while back, but it got stalled waiting on an upgrade or enabling of an extension. I hope that this is taken care of soon so that I can continue with the development of the template. It will not take long to finish it so that everyone can review it and try it out as Michael Ritchey requested a while back in a meeting (it has been discussed several times). Thomas Lerman 22:49, 16 December 2009 (UTC)

Meeting Chat

  • Laralee: will we need to call in?
  • Fran Jensen: the auto-call is still not working, so please manually call in
  • Fran Jensen: I'm still trying to call in
  • Diane Loosle: I just joined
  • dsammy: just logged in a bit delayed
  • Fran Jensen: I'm getting a continual ring, but no answer. Sorry. I'll keep trying. Can you hear each other right now?
  • Laralee: yes
  • Diane Loosle: yes
  • dsammy: terp can hear others
  • Fran Jensen: I get, sorry this number is not currently in service - never had this problem before
  • Fran Jensen: and on the day that Diane has joined us  :(
  • Fran Jensen: Diane - if the others can hear you, feel free to go ahead with your message
  • Diane Loosle: Do you want to come join me in my office Fran and we can be on the same phone
  • Diane Loosle: Or the scrum table
  • Laralee: can't do the screen share stuff if Fran moves
  • dsammy: terp got cut off, log back in?
  • dsammy: headset went dead on terp so using speaker instead
  • dsammy: please refresh, 3rd item on agenda
  • dsammy: How about Community Tech Corner for the tech questions still waiting for answers?
  • cottrells: Catalog,_Worldcat_(OCLC)
  • cottrells:
  • dsammy: Steve- fsbeta testing is closed as of Dec 10th. Some changes are now in current nFS
  • Laralee: so the hope is to make it easier to add sources? It's not easy right now to do it in NFS
  • dsammy: sources - that is a big issue in nFS. Too complicated step by step
  • Lise Embley: I agree with the interest in making it easier to add sources, maybe link records from Record Search, etc.
  • Laralee: I haven't seen that the LDS gets much encouragement to actually document - even the newest manual only talks about it a little
  • cottrells:
  • Laralee: I like that idea Lise - would be very nice to be able to go right to the source
  • Lise Embley: My wish list... :-)
  • dsammy: I saw Village Pump some time ago and didn't think much of it until now
  • Laralee: the Gihon spring :)
  • Judy Wolverton: In some countries, it's more like the Village Pub.
  • Laralee: :) we probably can't get away with that one though
  • Judy Wolverton: True.
  • Lise Embley: Maybe the Cultural Hall...
  • Lise Embley: (not serious)
  • Judy Wolverton: Perhaps, Community Projects. That would be self-explanatory.
  • dsammy: The Inn?
  • dsammy: At least there are many parts in The Inn, isn't it?
  • Laralee: true
  • Laralee: they did good stuff!
  • dsammy: Kitchen could pass off as technical room, the living room for proposals, Bathroom for persistent proposals, bedroom for ideas for sandboxes, etc
  • Judy Wolverton: dsammy, you are so creative!
  • dsammy: at least the concept is quite similiar!