Colmor, Colfax County, New Mexico Genealogy

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Location:                           South of Springer, and 15 miles north of Wagon Mound off of I-25 and about a mile. South of 569 on County Road C-72 on the east side before the end of the road turns west. Or, from the Colmor Interchange on I-25, drive east 1 mile, south 2 miles, under the interstate, and north to the cemetery. It is 15 miles north of Wagon Mound, NM, off I-25 and about 1 mile east on a short paved road. There is a freeway exit for Colmor. 

GPS:                                  Latitude: 36.2206 N;      Longitude: - 104.6494 W.

Elevation:                            5,955 feet (1,815 meters)

Map:                                  Interactive Map.

Photos:                              For photos of Main Street, houses, school, ruins, and environs click here.  Two views of the school and a residence.; Railway winter and summer;

Post Office:                        Established

Cemetery:                          Colmor Cemetery, click here.

Census Data:                     For an alphabet list of the households on the 1900 US Federal Census,

                                         click here.

Details:                             The name was derived from the conjunction of two county names "Col from Colfax County and Mor from Mora County".  It is on the border of both counties. The town depended on ranching and the railroad. At one time there were as many as 450 residents. In 1919, the Odell brothers of Colmor, received the contract from the New Mexico Highway Department to build the scenic road between Raton and Colmor.  The road was to be of crushed rock. The Santa Fe Railroad had thought about saving 69 miles of track by avoiding to go through Raton, a route which would be called the "Colmor Cutoff". The entire route was surveyed in the 1910's, 1920's, and last in the 1930's. Trackage was built to the town of Farley, NM., 35 miles from Colmor.  With the Great Depression and resulting railroad traffic declines, the railroad decided against completing the route.  The remains of Colmor are 12 intact houses, school, gas station, which make up the main street and the abandoned train depot is east across the tracks. It appears that a fire gutted a portion of the town, including the impressive school house. It is now a ranching community. Cattle and overgrown trees claim the area. 

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