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Chavez families of New Mexico

            1. Manuel Antonio Chaves, Colonial leader, photo.p.284, genealogical information, pp.285-308, p.508,.

            2. Book: The History of the Duran y Chavez Family 1600-1900. by John David Inclan, 2001. 

Gurule  surname listed on New Mexico Public Records:

Otero Family

            1. Judge Antonio Jose Otero, 1809, Valencia, New Mexico. pp361-363.

Pino families of New Mexico

            1. General Nicolas Pino, photo.p.309, family details, pp.310-321.  

             2. Inventory of the Ortiz y Pino family Papers, 1696-1984. University of New Mexico Library,

                 Center of Southwest Research.

Vigil families of New Mexico

            1. Descendants of Lucas Montes de Vigil. pp.1-31. Family reunion information.

            2. Donaciano Vigil, 2nd governor of New Mexico, photo p. 206, genealogical information, pp.207-228.

Oreste diCianno and Other families (Frazzini, Carlini, DiVecchia, Sepich)

Origin of Spanish Surnames of Northeast New Mexico and South Texas. Lineages,