Clayton, Union County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Antioch Cemetery


Location:          Southwest of Clayton , NM; between Clayton and Pennington, NM off Highway 56/412 to where

                       County Roads A021, A023, A024 meet. Take A021 to the right (west) about  1 mile.  The

                       cemetery is on the left (south) side.

Elevation:          5,146 feet

GPS:                Latitude: 36.39420 N      Longitude: -103.32810 W

Map:                 Interactive Map


Interments:        2

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Clayton Cemetery


Location:    Eastside of Clayton, NM,  near the Clayton Municipal Airport. On the west side of Princeton Avenue,

                 between  Water Street on the north, and Dorsey Road on the south.

Elevation:    4,986 feet

GPS:          Latitude: 36.44500 N      Longitude: -103.16420 W

Map:           Interactive Map 1,


Interments:  4,482

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Clayton Memorial Cemetery / Clayton County Cemetery


Location:      Immediately north of the Clayton Cemetery.

Elevation:      4,989 feet

GPS:            Latitude: 36.446 N       Longitude: -103.165 W

Map:             Interactive Map


Interments:  5

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Creeds Chapel Cemetery

Address:        Rardin Hill

Location:       North of Clayton, NM. From Clayton go east on US 64 to State Road 406. Go north on 406 past Alope Rd

                    to County Road A081. Turn right (east) on A081 to Boothill Road/County Road A101, turn right (south),

                    Cemetery is almost at the end of the road, on the left (east) side. 

                     It is 16.9 km W of Corrumpa Creek, OK; 17.0 km W of Seneca Creek, OK; 18.1 km NE of Clayton, NM;

                     21.4 km SW of Wheeless, OK.

Elevation:       4.776 feet

GPS:             Latitude: 36.57640 N      Longitude: -103.05440 W

Map:              Interactive Map 1, Map 2,

History:          3


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Grandview Cemetery

Address:       McLaughlin Bridge

Location:       North of Clayton Lake State Park. Take Lake Road/370 north to County Road A055 turn right (east)

                    to where the County Road also makes a loop to the left (north). The cemetery is on the right (south) side.

                    at that intersection.

                     It is 18.7 km N of royce, NM; 24.7 km NxNW of Clayton, NM; 36.0 km WxSW of Wheeless, OK.

Elevation:       5,310 feet

GPS:             Latitude: 36.65470 N Longitude: -103.28890 W

Map:              Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,


Interments:    3

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International Order of Oddfellows Cemetery


Location:         Eastside of Clayton, NM, near the Clayton Municipal Airport. On the west side of Princeton Avenue,

                      between Water Street on the north, and Dorsey Road on the south. Immediately north of the Clayton


                      It is 1.6 km ExSE of Clayton, NM; 14.4 km NW of Perico Creek, TX; 14.3 km ExSE of Royce, NM;

                      14.7 km WxNW of Texline, TX.  

Elevation:        4,989 feet

GPS:              Latitude: 36.44610 N      Longitude: -103.16420 W

Map:               Interactive Map 1, Map 2,Map 3,


Interments:     6

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Knollwood Cemetery




GPS:               Latitude:  N Longitude:  W

Map:                Interactive Map


Interments:       1

Maplewood Cemetery


Location:          Clayton, NM.


GPS:               Latitude: N Longitude: W

Map:                Interactive Map


Interments:      1

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Old Clayton Cemetery




GPS:             Latitude: N Longitude: W

Map:              Interactive Map


Interments:    2

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Otto Cemetery


Location:         Between Clayton, NM on the east and Penninton, NM , on the west. On the north side of US 56/412, just

                      east of  the intersection of County Road A020 on the southside of US56/412, west of the north/south

                      intersection of County Road  A021.

                      It is 12.8 km SxSW of Royce, NM; 18.1 km WxSW of Clayton, NM; 19.2 km E og Gallegos Creek, NM.

Elevation:         5,173 feet

GPS:               Latitude: 36.38080 N      Longitude: -103.36500 W

Map:                Interactive Map 1, Map 2, Map 3,

Photo:              Entrance


Interments:       8

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