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Class Descriptions for Current Training Schedule

Family Tree
No previous experience with new Family History of Family Tree is required. Week 1: Introduction: Navigation, adding ancestors, overview. Week 2: Scanning and attaching photos, stories & documents. Week 3: Finding and attaching sources.  Class length: 3 classes

Family Tree Ordinances
We will review how to find and prepare names for temple ordinances, who is eligible for ordinance work, and when and how to get permission, if needed. We'll use the Family Tree Temple Tab and show you how to keep track of the ordinances needed for your ancestors.

Family Tree for Tablets
If you have a tablet and would like to learn how to optimize your family history experience with your tablet or mobile device, there are lots of new apps to help you This class will show you what apps and programs can help you do this.

Family Tree Mini-Class
Want to learn Family Tree? Don't have time for a 4-week class? This is a two-hour overview of Family Tree. We will cover basic navigation, attaching photos and documents and how to attach sources...all in two hours. Come with your FamilySearch login and bring an ancestor's photo.

Ancestry Trees + FamilySearch
This match-up of trees makes sharing names, dates, places and sources between FamilySearch Tree and easy! We'll show you how to create your FamilySearch-linked Ancestry account, import your Family Tree and start sharing data and sources.  Now, you can take advantage of both Record Hints and Shaky Leaves!

My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together Booklet
The My Family: Stories That Bring Us Together booklet is an engaging way to capture and preserve your family story. We'll help you record family information including adding photos, names, dates and precious family stories. We will teach you how to use an online version if you wish. We will also teach you to use the Helper function to help others transfer their information. This is particularly valuable if you are a Ward temple and family history consultant.

Ancestral Quest I

If you have been using Personal Ancestral File (PAF), you will find Ancestral Quest has the same feel. It will import your PAF file and includes enhancements and will link to FamilySearch Family Tree. This class will give you the basics to get started with Ancestral Quest.

Ancestral Quest II
Ancestral Quest talks with Family Tree and Family Tree talks to Ancentral Quest. This class will show all the ways you can use Ancestral Quest to do requests and print ordinances to be done.

Organization - Paper & Digital Wondering how to file the abundance of certificates, family group sheets, and photos that accumulate while searching for our ancestors? Come and learn a great method for taming the chaos, both for paper and electronic documents. We will also cover organizing your Family Search Source Box. Class length: one class.

Tour of FamilySearch An introduction of all of the tools and collections included on  We will introduce you to the record collections, the Wiki, and the online research courses in the Learning Center, just to name a few.  Class length: one class

Family Tree - Merging Duplicates This class will teach you how to merge duplicate information found in's Family Tree.

Find My Cousins This class will focus on descendency research and how to find children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of ancestors to expand the reach of preparing names for submission to the temple.  If you think "the work is all done on my family tree" - this class is for you!

RootsMagic I - Navigating the Program and RootsMagic II - with Family Tree and the Web RootsMagic is computer software that can help you organize and work with your genealogy information. It makes family history easy. It is certified to share data with Family Search Family Tree. We will introduce you to the software and show you how to modify your data and share it with Family Tree.

Class Descriptions for Other Classes that can be Offered for Eveyone
Did you know that will soon be available to church members on their home computers? For now it is free at our Family History Center? We will introduce some good search strategies for getting the most out of this website and look at some of the valuable record collections it contains. Both beginners and seasoned researchers will learn something new.
Class length: one class
Beginning Research and Using the Family History Center Portal
Census record or birth certificate? Immigration records or naturalization papers? Ready to start some basic research to find new information and verify existing data on your ancestors? We will give you a process to follow and teach some tools that will help you in your search. We will also introduce you to some great research websites.
Class length: 3 classes, one per week for 3 weeks.
Family History: It's a Family Affair, Creative Ways to Involve your Children and Grandchildren
Can't find the time or the energy to add family history to your family's busy schedule or don't know how to get started? In this class you'll learn how to do these things and more, including research, creating family trees/heirlooms, taking road trips and making family history gifts. From the youngest member of the family to mom, dad and the grandparents, everyone will enjoy making family history a family affair.
Class length: one class
FamilySearch Indexing
Explains what the FamilySearch Indexing project is working to accomplish and how we can all help in this great effort. Perhaps the easiest, most relaxing family history work available today! You will actually sign up and index your first batch in class. If you don't have an LDS account login please call Mary Ann Jenkins before class for help (801-473-3600). It is important that you have this login account before class. YM/YW welcome!
Class length: one class
Find My Past Now available free in our homes, United Kingdom, US, Canada, New Zealand and Austrailia records back to 875 AD.
Start The Right Way: Don't Backtrack
The basics of Family History will be taught: Choosing a personal database; Using a flash drive; Using a Snc toy; Setting up computer files; Attaching sources to your information. Come learn about the new technologies. Hands on help will be available. Class length: one class