Charlotte County, Virginia Cemeteries

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United States > Virginia > Charlotte County > Cemeteries

The following is a list of cemeteries in Charlotte County:[1]

Ash Camp Memorial Cemetery

GPS:37.044ºN, 78.487ºW

Cub Creek Cemetery

GPS:37.032ºN, 78.758ºW

Evergreen Cemetery

GPS:37.046ºN, 78.653ºW

Friendship Cemetery

GPS:36.955ºN, 78.494ºW

Gillispie Cemetery

GPS:37.108ºN, 78.707ºW

Henry Cemetery

GPS:37.032ºN, 78.897ºW

Martin Cemetery

GPS:37.048ºN, 78.694ºW

Mount Ellis Cemetery

GPS:37.043ºN, 78.494ºW

Mount Lyle Cemetery

GPS:37.210ºN, 78.692ºW

Salem Cemetery

GPS:37.161ºN, 78.731ºW

Spring Hill Cemetery

GPS:37.040ºN, 78.885ºW

Union Cemetery

GPS:37.073ºN, 78.626ºW

Whites Chapel Cemetery

GPS:37.150ºN, 78.811ºW


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