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Histories and Tidbits

Cecilton is located at 39°24′11″N, 75°52′10″W (39.402919, -75.869430)

Founding a town called Ceciltown was a favorite project with the early settlers. The one to be established at the present Town Point (on the Bohemia River) failed. Another attempt was made at Broxen's Point, at the junction of Scotchman's Creek and Bohemia River. This project also failed.

Most transportation had been by water until the early 1700s when the road system began to develop and crossroads towns came into being. Another attempt to found a town named Ceciltowne was made by Alfonse Cosden. This time the settlement was permanent and it was called Cecilton, located at the intersection of Routes 213 and 282 near the center of Sassafras Neck.

Some of the finest farmland in the state surround Cecilton. To the south of town is Greenfield, a remarkably beautiful estate.The house is a Georgian Manor House, built in the mid 1700’s on a 750 acre tract patented to John and Mary Ward in 1674, is noted for its architectural purity, fine paneling and woodwork. The Ward burying ground nearby also contains graves of Lusbys and Pascaults, later owners. • Greenfield is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. — Map (db m1569)

On the east side of Cecilton is 1,000-acre Worsell Manor

To the west of town are Mt. Harmon Plantation, Frisby's Prime Choice and Rose Hill. Essex Lodge and Cherry Grove are to the northwest. The Anchorage and Bohemia are north on Route 213. All are well-tilled farms that date back to the 17th and 18th centuries.

These farms, and others like them, give life blood to Cecilton.

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  • Zion Methodist Episcopal Church at Cecilton - Zion Methodist Church was founded in 1819. The original building was on the north side of the road on ground now used as a cemetery. It was never fully finished. A church was erected in 1850 on the present site, the land being deeded to the church by John Ward Jones. On August 21, 1888, Zion Church was destroyed by a cyclone. Ground was broken for the new building April 2, 1889. Maryland State Archives WPA Survey file: MSA S 1512-2023 00/59/06/47

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