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The 'Help' category and the 'How to articles' category

Originally when the help articles were created, the wiki did not have the "How to articles" template. Now that we have this template, the end users can more easily navigate to the help content, but only if this template is added to the page. Adding the template to a page that already has the Help category on the page may be confusing. As a result, I have several questions about the two high level categories related to help content in the wiki:

  • Is there any advantage to having both the "Help" category and the "How to articles" category?
  • Should both categories be added to all the help articles?
  • Or, should one category be used and the other one discarded?
  • How does someone know when the "Help" category is not needed on a page?
  • If a page already has the Help category, and then the "How to articles" template is added to the page, should the Help category be removed from the page?

---Fran 03:20, 30 January 2010 (UTC)

These are great questions and we have finally been able to work through them with a few contributors. This category was changed to "Contributor Help" and the few remaining articles in this category will be moved elsewhere, so this category will be discarded. Most of the articles under "Help" will probably go under one of the other sub-categories at that point. So "Help" should probably not be used for articles at that time. How does that sound? --janellv 03:28, 24 June 2011 (UTC)