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Tips for Beginners:

  • Get familar with Family Search indexing. Make sure to read the field help box at the bottom left hand part of the screen. This always tells you what to do.
  • Try indexing different types of records. Getting familiar with different records increases your ablitiy to read and understand many records that you otherwise would not be familiar with. This helps you with your own family history research since you become more familiar with what information you can find in documents.
  • Don't attempt to index a record you cannot read. There are other indexers out there who will be able to read the document. Don't be afraid to send it back.
  • If you are unsure about a letter in the document look around. There will be clues as to what the mysterious scribble is. For example if you think the letter is a T look for common words or names that start with T like Thomas or Tompsin. If the T matches with the T in Thomas then it is very likely that the mysterious letter is a T. There is also a script chart on familysearch indexing. The icon is an inkwell with a feather pen in it.
  • Double check your work. Never submit a batch without double checking. Everyone makes mistakes and you will be able to catch some of your mistakes when you take another look at your work.
  • Try looking at intermediate or advanced projects. This helps you get an idea of how much work it takes to be a great indexer. You could attempt a harder batch to help you practice and become better about extracting important information.
  • If you cannot figure out what the town, city, or state is just try Googling what you can see. For example if you read "Mashuille" as the city and you can clearly make out Tennessee as the state google "Mashuille Tennessee" chances are google will correct the misspelled city and will suggest that the city is "Nashville, Tennessee." When in doubt, google it out.

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