Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935

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Canadian Passenger List Sources

Library and Archives Canada

A database at the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) provides access to information in passenger lists by searching ship names, the year of arrival, the port of arrival, the shipping line or the port of departure to passenger lists held at LAC for the following ports and dates:

City of Québec (includes Montréal) (RG 76 C1a), from May 1, 1865 to July 13, 1921;
Halifax, Nova Scotia (RG 76 C1b), from January 1881 to October 2, 1922;
Saint John, New Brunswick (RG 76 C1c), from January 4, 1900 to September 30, 1922;
North Sydney, Nova Scotia (RG 76 C1d), from November 22, 1906 to August 31, 1922;
Vancouver, British Columbia (RG 76 C1g), from January 4, 1905 to September 28, 1922; and
Victoria, British Columbia (RG 76 C1h), from April 18, 1905 to September 30, 1922.

Other passenger records are found on the Library and Archives Canada website.

The digitized images found on the LAC website have been made by scanning the microfilms of the passenger lists. As exact copies, a page that was unreadable on microfilm will also be unreadable on your computer screen.

To maintain a file of immigrants arriving at seaports in the United States and proceeding directly overland to Canada, the Canadian immigration service began in 1905 to collect extracts of passenger lists kept at the east coast ports of New York, Baltimore, Boston, Portland, Philadelphia and Providence.

Other Sources:

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 Indexed, ship lists with images Ancestry online database - Free- index only

Search technique:

  1. Click Search the Database.
  2. Type the given name and surname of an individual. Note: you can also type the year of arrival, the name of the port or the name of the ship, if known.
  3. Click Submit Query.
  4. Click on View Image to see the original ship list


  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Nationality
  • Date of arrival
  • Port of arrival
  • Name of ship
  • Archive reference, volume and page number
  • Archive microfilm reel number


  • Moving Here Staying Here  An alternative site to search all Canadian immigration records.  You will have the option to choose whether the screens display in English or French. (The indexes may not include the names of returning Canadians, tourists, visitors and immigrants en route to the United States.)