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Bromborough Pool, St Matthew, Cheshire Genealogy

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History[edit | edit source]

St Matthew

Bromborough Pool St Matthew, York Street was created as an ecclesiastical parish to meet the needs of workers in the model village built in 1853 by the local employer Price's Patent Candle Company. In common with other philanthropic family businesses like the Cadbury village of Bournville near Birmingham or Saltaire near Bradford (Sir Titus Salt) the intention was to build a leafy village around the factory and house workers. St Matthew's was part of the village community.

st matthews was dedicated in 1890.

Despite efforts to retain the church by modernasation the church is no longer used for worship but as a community centre.  

Parish Records[edit | edit source]

Bromborough Pool, St. Matthew, York Street . Registers of Baptisms 1933–1954 have been deposited at the Cheshire Record Office, Later Baptisms registers are held at St Barnabas (no marriages or burials here).