British and Irish Biographies 1840 to 1940

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British and Irish Biographies contains information about people ranging from the famous to the infamous. The biographies are from sources as diverse as Burke's Landed Gentry and Who's Who in Golf.

Step One[edit | edit source]

Use British and Irish Biographies 1840 – 1940 Index, Call Number British Reference 942 A3BIB. Reference to the master fiche index can be found in the author/title section of the FamilySearch Catalog on microfiche #6342001.

The fiche in this binder are arranged by surname in alphabetical order. When you find your surname on the microfiche, a code number is listed. The code number contains two parts separated by a decimal. The number before the decimal refers to a book title. The number after the decimal refers to the fiche number in that series. The number code can be found in Register Book: British and Irish Biographies, Call Number Reg. 942, A3C.

Step Two[edit | edit source]

Use Register Book: British and Irish Biographies, Call Number British Reg. 942 A3C. This book is arranged in three sections:

Section One: Contains titles of books listed by number code (found above in Step One). The number code is in the first column on the contents page and the column heading is entitled Microfiche Prefix EG. 75 Knight’s Dictionary.

Section Two: Titles of books listed in alphabetical order with full number code in a column on the right-hand side of the page.

Section Three: Arranged by number code in column four. Column one is publication title, with publication date, number of fiche, number code, and fiche number of the biography in succeeding columns across the page.

Look in Section One, first column, for number code of the title of the publication. Then go to Section Three to find the number code (column four) and the title of the publication (column one). Column five will contain the fiche number of the biography you are looking for.

A list of source titles that the biographies come from may be found at: