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Occupations were a measure of social status. Some trades were viewed as more prestigious than others. Often additional clues and records are available for people with certain occupations. For example, the following book includes information on doctors in Brazil:

  • Giffoni, O. Carneiro. Dicionário bio-bibliográfico brasileiro de escritores médicos, 1500–1899 (Bio-bibliographical Dictionary of Brazilian Literate Doctors, 1500–1899). São Paulo: Livraria Nobel, 1972. FHL 981 D3g

Some trades such as butchers, tanners, shoemakers, and tailors were organized into guilds (grêmios). The purpose of a guild was to train apprentices and otherwise regulate the practice of the trade in the area. Guilds were usually established in each city. The records of guilds may be found in the public archives of Brazil.

These records have not been filmed, and the small amount of information that has been published on this subject is currently available at the Family History Library.

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