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A blog is just a specialized web page (in fact, the name 'Blog' is short for 'WeB log'). A Blog is usually focused on a particular topic and consists of a series of posts that are (typically) short in nature and organized by topics. The newest post is displayed first, and older posts are archived (but still searchable and viewable). What makes a Blog different from an ordinary web page is that the reader can add comments to posts they have read.

For a more in-depth exlanation see this Blog Overview page.

Popular Blogging Software


Free, provided (and hosted) by Google.


Free open-sourse website development (& blogging) software.  Can create a site for free at or install on your own server (or a web hosting service).

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If you allow readers to post or comment on your blog you will probably begin to get spam. There are several things that you can do to counter this.

  • You can install and use plugins that will counter this for you. One of the more popular plugins is Akismet, which can be used for free on a personal blog. There are other free plugins available that allow to implement a Captcha interface (where you have to type in a word or two displayed to you to prove you are not a computer).
  • It is also possible to utilize built-in features available in WordPress to minimize the impact of spam
  • This post on  onextrapixel titled "Best of WordPress Anti-Spam Plugins and Why You Need None to Fight Spam" reviews some available plug ins and discusses how to utilize the native WordPress capabilities.

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