Black Lakes, Colfax County, New Mexico Genealogy

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Location:              6 miles (15 km) south of Angel Fire, west of State Road 434, and south of the

                            120/434 fork. It is 18.5 miles north of Mora, NM.

                            The historical post office is located 2.3 km (about 1 mile) east of Black Lakes.

                             Blake Lake Resorts is now located 3.8 km from the lake.

GPS:                      Latitude: 36.2753 N;     Longitude: -105.2639 W.

Elevation:             8,533 feet (2,601 meters)

Map:                    Interactive Map.

Photos:                Current (2010) photos of the area. View from Angel fire. Another view.

                            San Antonio Church, view 1, view 2.

Post Office:          Established map

Cemetery:            Cemetery details  , map

Census Data:       1900 Census

Details:  The population in 1890 was 97 inhabitants.

Family history links:

            1. Margarita Juana Ortega, family group sheet , family tree.

            2. Juan Lujan, family tree.

            3. Eloise Pacheco daughter of Esteban Trujillo and Socorro Martines, obituary,

               Colorado Springs, died May 14, 2002.


1. Report of the Governor to the Secretary of the Interior By New Mexico, page 435


GPS:                             Latitude: N; Longitude: - W.


Map:                              Interactive Map.


Post Office:                     Established


Census Data:


Family history links: