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What is a compiled Genealogy?

Compiled records consist of records assembled together around a particular surname, subject, or location in various formats. Such as:
Family histories
Genealogical dictionaries
Research collections
Emigrant group publications

  • Legacy Tree has some tips in regards to this topic.
  • LDS Genealogy website discusses Compiled Genealogies. It is an informative and interesting introduction to this possible source of family history research.
  • How Stuff Works Is another link about compiled genealogies. This one discuss the current online data bases that are now considered compiled genealogies in addition to books etc.

A Ortsfamilienbücher (family book), is a common form of compiled genealogy. See the FamilySearch Germany Genealogy Page on this topic for more information. However a compiled genealogy is not always in the form of a book. It can just be a page with genealogy information about a family kept by the civil records office. This is often the case in a town where a family has resided for several generations.

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