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State Archives

Here are the addresses and websites of the districts' state archives, should you decide to write there instead of or in addition to the local Standesamt.

Amberg (for Upper Palatinate/Oberpfalz)

Staatsarchiv Amberg
Archivstr. 3
92224 Amberg
Tel. 09621/307270
Internet: Website of the Amberg State Archive

Augsburg (for Swabia/Schwaben)
State Archives Augsburg
Salomon-Ilder-Str. 2
86159 Augsburg
Tel. 0821/575025
Internet: Website of the Augsburg State Archive

Bamberg (for Upper Franconia/Oberfranken except for the town and kreis/county of Coburg)
Staatsarchiv Bamberg
Hainstr. 39
96047 Bamberg
Tel. 0951/26861

Postfach 2668
96017 Bamberg

Internet: Website of the Bamberg State Archive

Coburg (for the city and kreis/county of Coburg, covers Saxony-Coburg)
Staatsarchiv Coburg
Herrngasse 11
96450 Coburg
Phone: 09561/92833
Internet: Website of the Coburg State Archive

Landshut (for Lower Bavaria/Niederbayern)
State Archives Landshut
Burg Trausnitz
84034 Landshut
Tel. 0871/22515
Internet: Website of the State Archives

Munich (for Upper Bavaria/Oberbayern)
Staatsarchiv Munich
Schöfeldstr. 5, 80539 München Germany (P.O. Box) Postfach 221 152
80501 Munich
Tel 089 / 28638-525
Internet: Website of the State Archives

Nuremberg (for Middle Franconia/Mittelfranken)
State Archives Nuremberg
Archivstr. 17
90110 Nürnberg
Tel. 0911 / 357-437
Internet: Website of the State Archives

Würzburg (for Lower Franconia/Unterfranken)
State Archives Würzburg
Residenz-Nordflügel 17
97070 Würzburg
Phone: 0931 / 35529-0
Internet: Website of the State Archives

Church Archives


Landeskirchliches Archiv der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche in Bayern
Veilhofstraße 8
90489 Nürnberg-Wöhrd

Phone: +49 911 58869- 0
Fax: +49 911 58869-69

The LAELKB saves church books (or churches) from more than a third of the parishioners of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, as well as some communities of the Reformed Church in Bavaria. The rest of the municipalities keep this information in their own possession. You can find out which of the church books you need to be at our office, or you can consult the church book overview page. In order to preserve the originals, the church books are available only in the form of digital copies. You must visit yourself or hire a researcher.

Zentralarchiv der Evanglischen Kirche der Pfalz
Domplatz 5
67346 Speyer

Tel. 06232 / 667-180
E-mail: Website

Registration and reservation of a workplace is necessary.


  • You can visit these archives yourself to research the records. Privacy rules apply to birth records more recent than 120 years, marriage records 80 years, and death records 30 years. A day fee of about EU 7.00 is charged to use the records. Call in advance to make reservations.
  • Some archives have search services available. Others will refer you to a list of private researchers to hire. Researchers can be found also through Google.

Archiv des Erzbistums München und Freising - for most of Oberbayern
Karmeliterstrasse 1
D-80333 München
Phone: 089 - 2137 1346
Fax: 089 - 2137 1702

Archiv des Bistums Passau - for most of Niederbayern
Luragogasse 4
D-94032 Passau
Tel.: 00 49 / 851 / 393 386
Fax: 00 49 / 851 / 393 440

Regensburg Bischöfliches Zentralarchiv - for most of Oberpfalz
St.Petersweg 11-13
D-93047 Regensburg

Archiv des Erzbistums Bamberg - for most of Oberfranken
Domplatz 3
D-96049 Bamberg
Tel. 0951/502411
Telefax 0951/502425

  • The archive will accept research requests and arrange for professional researchers to answer them.
  • List of parish registers

Archiv des Bistums Eichstätt - for most of Mittelfranken
Luitpoldstrasse 1
D-85072 Eichstätt
Tel. 08421 / 50-761
Telefax 08421 / 50-769

Archiv des Bistums Würzburg - for most of Unterfranken
Domerschulstr. 17
D-97070 Würzburg
Tel. 0931 / 386-67100
Telefax 0931 / 386-67101

Archiv des Bistums Augsburg - for most of Schwaben
Hafnerberg 2/II
D-86152 Augsburg
Tel. 0821 / 3166-40, -411
Fax 0821 / 3166-495

Diocesan Archives Speyer - for most of Pfalz
Kleine Pfaffengasse 16
67346 Speyer
Telephone: 06232 / 102-256
Fax: 06232 / 102-477
E-Mail: bistumsarchiv @