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  • 'A tophographicall Description and Admeasurement of the Yland of Barbados in the West Indyaes with the Names of the Several Plantacions' in Ligon's History (1673) is available online at DLOC - free. (Includes the surnames of plantation owners, see page 2.)


  • Richard Ford, The New Map of the Island of Barbadoes (London, 1674/5), available online at Luna (Brown University) - free. Includes plantation owners.


  • A Map of Jamaica Barbados [1676] is available online at DLOC - free.


  • List of subscribers to William Mayo's 1722 Map of Barbados is available online at the Christopher M. Codrington site.


  • Carte de L'Isle De La Barbade (1753) is available online at DLOC - free.


  • Die Englische colonie - Laender auf den insuln von America und zwar die insuln S. Christophori, Antegoa, Iamaica, Barbados, ... samt den Ins Bermudes, .. (1759) at DLOC - free. Includes surnames of plantation owners.


  • Isle St. Christophe une des Antilles aus Anglois. A Pari. Par le Sr. Le Rouge rue des grands Angustins on sheet with La Barbade une des Antilles aus Anglois Divisee par Paroisses (1767) by Georges-Louis Le Rouge at DLOC - free. Dots mark plantations, but owners' names are not included.