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This gives the History of this dessenting church, the record and where they can be found as well as the source information where this information was obtained from.


The Baptist cause in Dundee was founded about 1769 by Robert Carmichael, but he died in 1774 and they were left without leadership. In 1787, a congregation was formed under the direction of W.M. Dickie of Edinburgh, who was called to Dundee to the office of elder. In 1800, Robert Haldane built the tabernacle for the Congregational Church, but in 1808 he adhered to the Baptist faith. Since he owned the building, it became a Baptist meeting hall. The South Seagate Church was formed about 1800 also. In 1810, a controversy arose in the South Seagate Church which led to a division and the formation of another church. This congregation met first in premises on Baltic Street from 1810 to 1835, then to Meadowside, which had a membership of 109 in 1844 and then to Rattray Street. This church was functioning well into this century, but has since ceased. Congregations that broke from the Meadowside church for various reasons include the Constitution Road, King’s Road Hall, and Salem Chapel churches, all of which are no longer functioning. The North Seagate Church was formed in 1834 as a split from the South Church, but is no longer functioning.


History of Baptists in Scotland, by Rev. Geo. Yuille pub. 1926, FHL 941 K2hi The Baptists in Scotland, by D.W. Bebbington pub. 1988, FHL 941 K2bs This book includes a list of ministers.


The extent of records is unknown. For more information write to:

The Baptist Union of Scotland
12 Aytoun Road
Glasgow, G41 5RT