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The FamilySearch moderator for Austria is SugdenHG.

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"Austria" Disambiguation

Austria may refer to:

  • The present-day country of Austria.
  • The Austrian Empire (1804-1867)
  • Austria-Hungary (1867-1918)

United States census records and arriving passenger lists often simply list the place of birth or origin as "Austria" meaning the Austrian Empire or Austria-Hungary. Careful research is needed to pinpoint the province and city/town.

To view a map showing the Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary with the associated provinces, click here.

Jewish Research resources on the FamilySearch Wiki are organized primarily by the present-day country, and not by the former designations. If possible, determine the city/town of origin and then search under its present-day country.

Maps of Austria

  • To view the present-day Austria at Google Maps, click here.
  • For a Jewish population density map of Europe in 1900, click here.

Gazetteers of Austria

  • Use the JewishGen Communities Database by clicking here.

History of the Jews in Austria Family Finder

Find others, possibly cousins, searching for your family name in the same countries, cities, and villages. Search the JewishGen Family Finder by clicking here. Free registration required.

Ashkenazi Amsterdam in the Eighteenth Century "Research of the family origins and heritage of Dutch Jewry (A.R.)"

Austria Jewish Records

  • Learn more about available Jewish records by clicking here. Includes additional links.

The JewishGen Austria-Czech Database

  • More than 360,000 records for Austria and the Czech Republic, from a variety of sources, including: cemetery data, Yizkor books, and Holocaust sources. Requires free registration. To search, click here.

  • is the Austrian Online Genealogical Databank. Free registration is required. Access by clicking here.
    After logging in, unfold the various databanks by clicking on the "plus" signs. Includes Jewish Communities, Jewish Resignations, Jewish Cemeteries and Graves, etc. Also has an excellent historical gazetteer of Austria and the Czech Republic.

Vienna, Austria, Population Cards, 1850-1896

  • Computer-indexed portion (only a fraction are computer-indexed): Click here.
  • Microfilms of alphabetized cards (complete collection): Click here.
  • Note: Alphabetical order on the above films is as follows (A), (Au), (E, Ä, Ö), (Ei, Eu, Ej, Ey, Ai, Aj, Ay), (I, Ie, J, Ü, Y), (O, Ou), (U), (B, P), (C, G, K, Q, X, Ch, Ck, Cs, Cz, Ks), (D, T, Th), (F, V, W), (H), (L), (M), (N, Nck, Ng, Nk), (R), (S, Sch, Sz, Cz, Tsch, Tz, Z)

Help with Austria Jewish Research

  • Access the Austria-Czech Special Interest Group (SIG) by clicking here.
  • Access the Facebook Austria Genealogy Research Community by clicking here.
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