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Gotoarrow.png Austro-Hungarian Empire since 1867 until the defeat
Gotoarrow.png Banat 


Gotoarrow.png Austria
Gotoarrow.png Hungary

Aftermath of breakup of the Empire in 1918

Gotoarrow.png Austria
Gotoarrow.png Hungary
Gotoarrow.png Czechoslovakia

Gotoarrow.png Czech Republic
Gotoarrow.png Slovakia

Gotoarrow.png Poland
Gotoarrow.png Ukraine
Gotoarrow.png Slovenia
Gotoarrow.png Croatia
Gotoarrow.png Bosnia and Herzegovina
Gotoarrow.png Serbia
Gotoarrow.png Italy
Gotoarrow.png Romania
Gotoarrow.png Montenegro (Kingdom of Montenegro)
Gotoarrow.png Yugoslavia (Jugoslavia) (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes until 3 October 1929)

Order of the breakup beginning in 1991
Gotoarrow.png Slovenia (25 June 1991)
Gotoarrow.png Croatia (25 June 1991)
Gotoarrow.png Macedonia (8 September 1991)
Gotoarrow.png Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 March 1992)
Gotoarrow.png Montenegro (3 June 2006)
Gotoarrow.png Kosovo (February 2008)
Gotoarrow.png Serbia, the remainder of Yugoslavia