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Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker

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Family Tree Training

File:Finding FS Records and Attaching them to Individuals in FT.PNG

** NEW Steps with Pictures Guide, 22 December 2017 --

"Attaching FS Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker"

What's Up[edit | edit source]

Guide to Attaching FamilySearch Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker. This Lesson guide contains written STEPS interspersed with PICTURES that show how to find and add Family Search indexed records to a person in Family Tree. Indexed records in the Family Search databases can be found in two ways: by looking under RESEARCH HELPS - RECORD HINTS and under SEARCH RECORDS - Family Search in the person's FT Details page.
Following this lesson guide leads to a valuable hands-on practical experience for the beginner/intermediate level FT user in locating and attaching FS records to their ancestors using the Source Linker.
Before linking the record, the information in it should be compared with proven information about that ancestor to determine whether or not it belongs to that person.
Typically you will see an abstract of the record without an image attached to it. Reading "NO IMAGE AVAILABLE" does not mean there is no record. Do not misunderstand-- there is always an image of the actual record or an abstract could not have be made!. When there is no accompanying image, likely it is because, when the indexing was done, digital imagery was not available.
Even with the abstract attached to your ancestor, it is always preferable to examine the actual record (for more details and to avoid transcription errors). To find that record search for the GS film number and reference ID under the source citation.
Not all FS records have been indexed, many others are available on film and in books. Check the FS catalog for these valuable resources.

STEPS with Pictures Guide[edit | edit source]

Attaching FS Records to FT Using Source Linker.PNG

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How to best use the "Attaching FS Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker" Guide[edit | edit source]

This lesson guide can be used individually, in a one-on-one mentoring session or in a class situation. It is designed to provide beginner and intermediate level FT users with a hands-on practical experience in putting INDEXED Family Search documents as sources in their Family Tree.
The lesson guide is found to be most successful in enabling users to do the task independently when it is part of a "Model with Steps;Do with Steps" approach. First the teacher/mentor perform the Steps in their own FT or in the account... at the same time drawing attention to the specific directions on the handout. After that, the participant does the task in their Tree by following the same Steps. Thus, by the end of the lesson, they have read through the Steps TWICE and performed the task ONCE. Retaining a copy of the Guide for reference, they can more readily repeat the task thereafter.

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