Atlas to the Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

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A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland

First published in 1837 in two volumes, with an accompanying atlas, it marked a new and significantly higher standard in such accounts of Ireland. Apart from The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland published in 1845, it has not been superseded. Images of each Irish county can be found in the accompanying Atlas.

Lewis relied on the information provided by local contributors and on the earlier works published such as Coote's Statistical Survey (1801), Taylor and Skinner's Maps of the Road of Ireland (1777), Pigot's Trade Directory (1824 and other sources. He also used the various parliamentary reports and in particular the census of 1831 and the education returns of the 1820s and early 1830s. Local contributors were given the proof sheets for final comment and revision. The names of places are those in use prior to the publication of the Ordnance Survey Atlas in 1838. Distances are in Irish miles (the statute mile is 0.62 of an Irish mile).

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Antrim Map.JPG
Dublin Map.JPG
Limerick Map.JPG
Roscommon Map.JPG
Armagh Map.JPG thumb center
Fermanagh Map.JPG
Londonderry Map.JPG
Sligo Map.JPG
Carlow Map.JPG
Galway Map.JPG thumb center
Longford Map.JPG
Tipperary Map.JPG thumb center
Cavan Map.JPG
Kerry Map.JPG
Louth Map.JPG
Tyrone Map.JPG
Clare Map.JPG thumb center
Kildare Map.JPG
Mayo Map.JPG thumb center Waterford Map.JPG thumb center
Cork Map.JPG thumb center
Kilkenny Map.JPG
Meath Map.JPG
Westmeath Map.JPG thumb center
Donegal Map.JPG thumb center King's Map.JPG thumb center
Monaghan Map.JPG
Wexford Map.JPG
Down Map.JPG thumb center
Leitrim Map.JPG
Queen's Map.JPG thumb center Wicklow Map.JPG thumb center