Ashland, Aroostook County, Maine Genealogy

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United States

Town Clerk

Ashland Town Clerk
17 Bridgham Street
Ashland, ME 04732
Telephone: (207)435-2311 Fax: (207)435-2005

Brief History

Ashland was incorporated as a town from Township 11 R5 WELS in 1862. The name was changed to Dalton, Maine in 1869, but changed back again in 1876.[1]

Buchanan Plantation was created for election purposes from Township 12 R5 WELS in 1860.[2] Sheridan Plantation was organized from Township 12 R5 WELS in 1873, 1878, 1896, and 1900. In 1901 it was annexed to Ashland, Maine.[3]

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