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Research use: Identify residence, heads of household, and family size. Used in conjunction with parish registers to ensure that all family members are identified.

Record type: Civil record of inhabitants and their taxable possessions.

General: Compiled by Russian authorities after acquiring Armenia in the early 19th century to provide a basis for taxation.

Time period: 1829-1886.

Contents: Names and ages of male inhabitants, the number of people in each household, extent of land, type of crops, number of livestock, home industries if any, private or state village and taxes paid.

Location: Historical Archive, Yerevan.

Percentage in Family History Library: 100% of known lists.

Population coverage: 45% coverage of the population.

Accessibility: Originals available to researchers at the Historical Archive.[1]

See the FamilySearch Catalog for available lists. Tax records may be cataloged under the country, province, or district level. Keep Russian Empire jurisdictions in mind!


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