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Beginning Research
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Armenia Background
Local Research Resources
  • Kurkjian, Vahan M. A History of Armenia. New York: Armenian General Benevolent Union, 1964.
  • Lang, David Marshall and Walker, Christopher J. The Armenians. London: Minority Rights Group, 1977.
  • Megerian, Audrey. Genealogical Profile for the Armenians. Salt Lake City: Armenian Genealogical Foundation, 1982.
  • Mirzoyan, S. “K Vosprosu o Kameral’nykh Opisaniyakh,” Vestnik Arxivov Armenii (1986) 136-142.
  • Papajian, Sarkis. A Brief History of Armenia. Fresno: Sarkis Papajian, 1976.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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