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Value of Migration Research

Mountains, forests, waterways, and the gaps between them channeled migration into predictable settlement patterns. Events like land rushes and Indian treaties also affected settlement.

Understanding the transportation systems available to ancestors can help genealogists better guess their place of origin. Connect the place where an ancestor settled to the nearby canals, waterways, trails, roads, and railroads to look for places they may have lived previously.

Migration research may help you discover:

  • a place of origin, previous hometown, or place where an ancestor settled
  • biographical details such as what they experienced, or with whom they traveled on their journey
  • clues for finding other records

See also Arkansas Emigration and Immigration

Rivers and Lakes

  • Arkansas River
    • flows from Colorado east and southeast to the Mississippi River
  • Mississippi River
    • flows from Canada generally southward to the Gulf of Mexico
  • Ouachita River
    • flows from the Ouachita Mountains, near Mena, Arkansas generally southward into the Tensas River (near Jonesville, Louisiana) to form the Black River
  • Red River
    • flows from the Texas panhandle generally eastward ; a major tributary of the Mississippi and Atchafaloya Rivers; flows in southwest Arkansas for a relatively short distance
  • St. Francis River
    • flows generally southwest from Iron County, Missouri into the Mississippi River below Memphis, Tennessee
  • White River
    • flows from northwest Arkansas up into Missouri, then back into Arkansas, then generally southeast to its mouth at the Mississippi River Delta

Trails and Highways