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A church directory lists church officials, dioceses, and parishes. There are many genealogical uses for church directories.

  • They list all the parishes in a diocese, so you can determine if your ancestor's village had a parish. Many directories list all villages belonging to a parish.
  • They may provide the earliest dates for which the church records of each parish exist.
  • They may include historical information about each parish.
  • They group parishes by diocese and archdiocese, so you can easily determine all relating parishes.
  • They provide the complete address and phone numbers of parishes. They give the address of the diocese headquarters and often the address of the archives of the diocese where additional records may be kept.

Church directories exist for each of the dioceses in Argentina, however, the best and most readily available country wide directory is available online. The Anuario Eclesiástico de la República Argentina, published in 1961, contains all the information mentioned above as well as a map of each dioceses. Most of the parish priest names and diocesan bishops have changed, but addresses and parish histories are still valid.