Arauco, Arauco, Chile Genealogy

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Arauco Province
Comuna of Arauco


  • The Spanish fort "San Felipe de Arauco" was founded where the rivers Conumo and Carampangue converge in 1552 but after several battles and many events, it was finally located at the foot of Cerro Colo-Colo.
  • On December 7, 1852, he received the title of city.
  • Tiene una población aproximada de 35.000 personas[1].

Civil Registration

Parish Records


  • Cementerio Municipal de Arauco
  • Cementerio Mapuche los Haupe
  • Cementerio Carampangue
  • Cementerio Laraquete


  • Carampangue
  • Laraquete
  • Llico de Arauco
  • Punta Lavapie
  • Ramadillas
  • Tubul


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