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Pedigrees and genealogical information for many prominent Antigua families were published in:

  • Oliver, Vere Langford. The History of the Island of Antigua: One of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies, from the First Settlement in 1635 to the Present Time. 3 vols. London: Mitchell and Hughes, 1894-1899. FHL Collection; digital versions at Internet Archive:
    • Volume One includes genealogies of †Abbot, Abbott, Alexander, Alexander (see Dasent), †Allen, †Anderson, †Archibald, Ash, †Athill, Athy, Auchinleck, Ayres, †Baijer, †Bannister, Barnes, †Barter, Barton, †Bendall, †Bethell, †Blackman, Bladen, †Blake, †Blizard, Bodkin, Bolan, †Bonnin, Boone, †Boraston, †Bott, Bradshaw, †Brown, †Buckley, †Burke, †Burt, Burton, †Butler, †Byam, †Cade, Carden, Carlile, †Carpenter, †Carter, †Cary, †Chester, Christian, †Clarke, †Clogstown, †Cochran, †Codrington, †Collins, †Colquhoun, Cosby (see Eliot), †Coull, Crabb, †Crawford, Crump, Cusack, †Daniel, †Dasent, Davis, Delap, Denbow, †Dewar, De Witt, Doig, Donovan, †Douglas, †Dow, Drax (see Codrington), †Duer, †Dunbar, †Duncombe, Dunn, †Dunning, †Edwards, †Ellyatt, Eliot, †Elmes, †Entwisle, Erwin (see Dasent), Evanson, †Farley, Fergusson, Ferris, †Field, †Fleming, †Foote, †Franklin, †Fraser, †Freeman, †French, and †Frye families.
    • Volume Two includes genealogies of †Anderdon (see Manning), Blackwell (see Jarvis), Gale, †Gallwey, †Gamble, †Garrett, Gaynor, Gilbert, †Gilchrist, Gillyat, Glanvile, †Gloster, Glover, Goble, †Gordon, †Grant, Gravenor, Gray, Grear, Greenway, †Gunthorpe, Haddon, †Halliday, Halloran, †Hamilton, †Hanson, †Harman, †Hart, Harvey, †Hawes, †Herbert, †Hill, Hillhouse, †Hodge, Hodges, †Horne, †Horsford, Hughes, †Humphreys, Hurst, Huyghue, †Hyndman, †Iles, †Jarvis, †Jeaffreson, †Johnson, Jones, Keeling, Kelsick, †Ker, †Kerby, Keynell, †King, †Kirwan, †Knight, Knightley, †Laferty, †Laforey, Langelier, †Langford, Laroche, Lavicount, †Lavington, Ledeatt, Ledwell, †Lee, †Leonard, Le Roux, †Lessly, Libaert, †Lightfoot, Lindsey, Lingham, Lisle, †Livingston, Looby, †Lovell, †Lucas, †Lucie, †Lynch, †Lyons, †McCarthy, †Mackinen, †McNish, †Manning, Manwaring, Marchant, †Martin, †Mathew, Mathews, Maxwell, †Mayer, Middleton, Millar, Monke, Monteigue, Montero, Morgan, †Morris, †Morson, Muir, †Murray, Musgrave, †Nanton, Newfiele, †Nibbs, Nicholas, †Nihell, †Nisbitt, †Nugent, Oesterman, †Oliver, Osborn, and †Ottley families. 
    • Volume Three includes genealogies of Pare, †Parke, Parker, Parry, Patterson, †Payne, Paynter, Pearne, †Perry, †Pigott, †Pollington, †Powell, †Poyntz, Prynn, Pyle, Redhead, †Redwood, †Richardson, †Roach, †Rodney, Ronan, Rose, Rossington, Royall, †Russell, Salmond, Sampson, †Saunders, Sawcolt, Scholes, †Scotland, Sedgwick, †Shand, †Shephard, Sheriff, Shervington, Shirley, Skerrett, †Smith, Sones, †Stapleton, †Swete, †Symes, †Tankard, Tempest, Tharter, †Thibou, †Thomas, †Tobin, Tomlinson, †Trant, †Traveis, Tremills, †Tudway, †Tullideph, Turner, Turney, Tyley, Vaughan, Vernon, Walrond, †Warner, Watkins, Watson, Weatherill, †Webb, Weir, Weston, Wethered, †White, Whitehead, Wickham, †Williams, Willock, †Willoughby, Winthrop, †Wise, †Woodley, †Wyke, †Yeamans, Yorke, and Young families.

†Additional information on these families appears in the Appendix to Volume Three, which begins on page 410.

Individual Published Genealogies

  • [Blackman] - 'Blackman of Antigua and Barbados,' Caribbeana, Vol. 2 (1914):123-126. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • [Boudinot] Clark, Barbara Louise. E.B.: The Story of Elias Boudinot IV, His Family, His Friends, and His Country. Mount Dora, Fla.: M.L. Clark, 1977. FHL Book 921.73 B661c.
  • [Brodie] 'Pedigree of Brodie of Antigua,' Caribbeana, Vol. 1 (1910):98-100. Digitised by dLOC - free.
  • [Franklyn] Franklyn, Charles Aubrey Hamilton. A Short Genealogical & Heraldic History of the Families of Frankelyn of Kent and Franklyn of Antigua and Jamaica, B.W.I.: Together with Sections of the Families Bolton of Sandford and Gray of Billericay. London: Edward O. Beck LTD, 1932. FHL Collection 929.242 F851f
  • [Franklyn] Franklyn, Charles Aubrey Hamilton. The Genealogy of Anne the Quene (Anne Bullen) & Other English Families Including Broughton of Impens, N.Petherton, Bridgwater, co. Somerset; Pontifex of West Wycombe, co. Buckingham; Waddington of Mexborough, co. York; Walwyn of Kilmersdon and Frome., co. Somerset, and of Bognor Regis, co. Sussex: Together with a Supplement to a Short Genealogical and Heraldic History of Four Families (London, Edward O. Beck, Ltd., July 1932) ... Brighton, Sussex: C.A.H. Franklyn, 1977. FHL Collection 929.242 B873f
  • [Gatewood] Uhrbrock, Richard S. 'Gatewoods of British West Indies and Virginia,' The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 19, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1975):146-148. Digital version at American Ancestors ($); FHL Book 975.5 B2vg v. 19 (1975).
  • [Gilbert] 'Gilbert of Antigua,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):16-17. Digital version at dLOC - free.
  • [Goble] Goble Family Association et al. The Goble Family Newsletter. Davidsonville, Md.: Goble Family Association, 1994-. FHL Collection 929.27305 G538s
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  • [Wickham] 'Major John Wickham of Antigua,' Caribbeana, Vol. 6 (1919):120-120b. Digitised by dLOC - free. Photograph of monumental slab.