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Purpose of the Society[edit | edit source]

The Alberta Genealogical Society, Inc. (AGS) is a non-profit organization formed in 1973. Throughout the province there are ten Branches serving local communities in historical awareness, fostering education and publishing material related to Alberta. Individuals from all cultural backgrounds are welcome to join. Review our Branches to see where your nearest locality is. We love to help!

Help the Society Can Provide[edit | edit source]

We have a great research committee that can help you with your Alberta research. Contact them at

Record Collections[edit | edit source]

(Name of Collection)

  • Located: (Online, onsite)
  • How to access: (order information, website)
  • Why to search this record: (can link to wiki article)

(Continue to add any additional collections)

  • (repeat bullets above of info about the collection)

Indexes for (County/town/state name)[edit | edit source]

  • (Name of index (if online add link to name of index)) - How to access: (if not online, order info. If it is online, remove "How to access")

Publications In the Society's Holdings[edit | edit source]

Books[edit | edit source]
  • Multiple history books from villages, towns and cities throughout the province.
Periodicals[edit | edit source]
  • (general description of list of titles)
Family Files (any other paper files)[edit | edit source]
  • (general description or list of surnames)
Misc[edit | edit source]
  • (general descriptions)

Publications for Sale[edit | edit source]

(link to website selling publications)

Look up Services[edit | edit source]

(Instructions and fees)

  • (List of local repositories willing to visit)

How to Do Research in (name of town/county)[edit | edit source]

  • (list of classes whether online or onsite)

Local Repositories Society Members Visit[edit | edit source]

  • (list of repositories your members visit to do genealogy)

Benefits to Those Who Join the Society[edit | edit source]

Cost of membership and how to join:
Membership cost: $50.00/year. This includes a membership into one of the branches.

Membership are obtained online at:

Unlimited Online Access to:

With membership you have free access to the following online databases.

  • Alberta Homestead Records
  • Surname Database Records
  • Previous digital versions of Relatively Speaking


Free Look Ups:

  • (List of look ups)

Field Trips:

(Include any other additional benefits of membership in your Society):

Society Happenings[edit | edit source]

Meetings[edit | edit source]

(details of meetings: how often, where, when, what is the purpose of the meeting, i.e., genealogical instruction, planning projects, etc.)

Workshops[edit | edit source]

(details: topics, when, where, cost, etc.)

Board Meetings[edit | edit source]

Board Meetings are held in February, May, September and November.

Members of the board are:

  • The executive
    • President
    • Past-President
    • 1st Vice President
    • 2nd Vice President
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
  • Branch Presidents (one for each of the 10 branches)
  • Committee Chairs
    • Finance
    • Nominations
    • Policies & Procedures/Bylaws
    • AGS Surname Database
    • Archivist
    • Communications
    • Conference
    • Electronic Services
    • Facilities
    • Family
    • GenFair
    • Grants & Fundraising
    • Historian
    • Legal Advisor
    • Library & Research Center
    • Membership
    • AGS Publications
    • Relatively Speaking, Editor
    • Research Services
    • Retreat
    • Social Media
    • Web & Database Services
    • Youth Genealogy Services

Annual General Meeting is held in April.

Society Projects[edit | edit source]

Indexing[edit | edit source]

  • (List each project)

Past Projects[edit | edit source]

  • (List each project)