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Drejtoria e Përgjithshme e Arkivave (General Directorate of Archives)
Rruga "Jordan Misja"
Tirana, Albania
Telephone: +355 4 4541798
Website: Albania Archives

The archives holds documents important to the nation's history and has an online catalog. The archives is a partner with World Digital Library.


Biblioteka Kombëtare e Shqipërisë (National Library of Albania)
Sheshi Skënderbej
Tirana, Albania
Telephone: +355 422 23 843
Website: National Library

The library houses a wide variety of books, manuscripts, periodicals, maps, atlases, microfilms, and other such material. The website has an online catalog and online collections.


Muzeu Historik Kombëtar (National Museum of History)
Sheshi Skenderbej 7
Tirana, Albania
Telephone: +35542223977
Website: National History Museum

The museum aims to cultivate appreciation for Albanian history and for Albania in world history. The museum holds materials pertaining to the history and culture of Albania.

Muzeu Kombëtar "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu" (National Museum "George Castrioti Skanderbeg")
Kruja Castle, Rruga Kala
Krujë 1501, Albania
Telephone: +355 511 22225
Website: National Museum

This museum (also known as the Skanderbeg Museum or Kruja Museum) has many historical artifacts concerning Albania from the 20th century and before.

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