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FAQ's about the Alaska State Library

Alaska State Library has several important and useful sections specifically designed for the genealogist. Some of their collections are digitalized. Among their genealogy sections are: "Genealogy:Finding your Goldrush Relative", the "Alaska Historical Collections" and "Alaska's Digital Archive" which contains photos, documents and other items from Alaska's past.

The State Library consists of several difficult localities within different cities in Alaska and includes books, tapes, artifacts and other media.

Related Agencies

Some of the related agencies are the "Capital City Libraries", Alaska State Archives and the system of Alaska State Museums which collects, identifies and preserves for exhibition items of material and natural history interest.

The Home page for the Alaska State Library can be accessed online at:

The Alaska State Historical Library is affiliated with the Alaska State Library and has many features which can be accessed online. Their collection of on-line resources includes:

  • An extensive Library Catalog
  • Alaska Historical Collections
  • Historical Collection Guides
  • Alaska's Digital Archives
  • Digital Pipeline Journal Finder
  • Alaska State Publications
  • Alaska Library Directory
  • Online With Libraries (OWL)

These collections can be accessed at: