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Confirmations[edit | edit source]

In some parishes the confirmations were carried out every year, and in some small parishes it was every few years, and in them we find the information of individuals and their age, in large or major parishes you would find the confirmations were written in a single book, and in small parishes they were footnotes on the christening record. In some parishes these were not required. It is very important to investigate these records to see if the children died at a small age.

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Catholic Parish Records

State by state, these are the parish records available to view online at FamilySearch

Aguascalientes, Catholic Records, 1620-1962

Baja California, Catholic Records, 1750-1984

Campeche, Catholic Records, 1638-1944

Chiapas, Catholic Records, 1558-1978

Chihuahua, Catholic Records, 1632-1958

Coahuila, Catholic Records, 1627-1978

Colima, Catholic Records, 1707-1969

Distrito Federal, Catholic Records, 1886-1933

Durango, Catholic Records, 1604-1985

Guanajuato, Catholic Records, 1576-1984

Guerrero, Catholic Records, 1576-1979

Hidalgo, Catholic Records, 1546-1971

Jalisco, Catholic Records, 1590-1979

México, Catholic Records, 1567-1970

Michoacán, Catholic Records, 1555-1996

Morelos, Catholic Records 1598-1969

Nayarit, Catholic Records, 1596-1967

Oaxaca, Catholic Records, 1559-1988

Puebla, Catholic Records, 1545-1977

Querétaro, Catholic Records, 1586-1977

San Luis Potosí, Catholic Records, 1586-1970

Sinaloa, Catholic Records, 1671-1968

Sonora, Catholic Records, 1657-1994

Tabasco, Catholic Records, 1803-1970

Tamaulipas, Catholic Records, 1703-1964

Tlaxcala, Catholic Records, 1576-1994

Veracruz, Catholic Records, 1590-1978

Yucatán, Catholic Records, 1543-1977

Zacatecas, Catholic Records, 1605-1980

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