Accessing Genealogy Trees on iOS devices

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iPad Devices[edit | edit source]

This is a line of tablet computers and multiple devices designed by Apple, Inc. which run on the Apple IOS operating system along with its own software. To learn more about this device, view the Wikipedia article here. Applications for this device are purchased through Apple's App Store. The devices do come with some pre-loaded applications, however, anything needed additionally can be acquired through the App store.

Instructions for when 'no' Wi-Fi is available[edit | edit source]

Most genealogical programs have the ability to create a web site from the genealogical information already entered; it is this program function that allows one to view their files on their portable devices. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Create your web site pages, most have a default function that saves it to your own computer first before uploading all the files to a web site. It usually creates a folder with all your files.
  2. Attach your device, a tablet or smart phone to your computer with the USB cable that came with your device. This will treat the device as an extra drive.
  3. Download the application 'iFiles' to your iPad. Once installed this is the file program you use to transfer the web page files created on your desktop.
  4. Create two folders in your file manager program like the two on your hard drive, one will be the name you gave it and the second one will called 'images'.
  5. When you open the file folder, select all the files leaving the 'images' folder unselected. It will take a few minutes to transfer all the files.
  6. Open the 'images' folder on your hard drive and select all those files and place them in the same folder on your iPad. 
  7. Once all is transferred, it is a matter of locating the 'index.html' file, double clicking it and it opens with your browser. The results will be your genealogy files.

Instructions for Using an Application that works without Wi-Fi Access[edit | edit source]

  • Ancestry allows you to download your online Ancestry family tree,save it to your tablet and still view it. This makes one's database always available in a view mode.
  • Heredis works with an original Gedcom file from your genealogical database. Send the Gedcom file to your iPad using your iCloud email. You will need to download the Heredis free application, once installed it reads your data with or without Wi-Fi Acess. An additional nice feature is its ability to synchronize between your iPad and your Mac once you are connected.
  • GedView works with a Gedcom from your genealogical database. It is both a viewer and a recording tool for your database. The Gedcom file can be encoded as ASCII, ANSI, ANSEL, UTF-8 or UTF-16. There are a number of steps involved in transferring your gedcom file to the application. You can download it from a website, send it through email, or put it into your dropbox and access it from the dropbox application on your device. Once you select the file you import it into GedView. There is a User's Manual online with additional information on how to use this program. The cost for this program is $3.99.

Additional Applications[edit | edit source]

  • Ancestry interacts with one's online Ancestry Family Tree. One can add, edit and upload photos. This requires an internet connection.
  • MobileFamilyTree Pro has the same features as MacFamilyTree while being a standalone application. Editing, adding photos, and videos are possible with this application. One is also able to sync all the data with MacFamilyTree on a Mac.
  • MyHeritage works with one's ancestral tree on their site, and allow editing, adding photos, events and information to individuals.
  • RootsMagic viewer works as a companion product to the desktop program RootsMagic.
  • Families works in conjunction with Legacy Family Tree allowing viewability and editability.
  • Heredis is a complete genealogical program for both your tablet and your Mac, it allows synchronizing between the two. It easily synchonizes with multiple devices. It also has the capability to enter data through speech using Siri.

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