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5th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (12 months, 1861-62) (Mullins') (Confederate)

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5th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (12 months, 1861-62) (Mullins') (Confederate)

Brief History[edit | edit source]

5th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry (Provisonal Army) was organized near Norfolk, Virginia, in July, 1861. In May, 1862, three companies were assigned to the 14th Battalion, Virginia Cavalry (Burrough's), and seven companies merged into the 16th Battalion Virginia Cavalry. Majors Benjamin Allston and John Mullins were in command. [1]

Companies in this Regiment with the Counties of Origin[edit | edit source]

Men often enlisted in a company recruited in the counties where they lived though not always. After many battles, companies might be combined because so many men were killed or wounded. However if you are unsure which company your ancestor was in, try the company recruited in his county first.

The men were recruited at Petersburg and in the counties of Princess Anne, Sussex, Surry, Prince George, Nansemond, and Southampton.[1]

Headquarters - Roster

Company A - (Gloucester Light Dragoons) - many men from Gloucester County - Roster

Company B  - (Captain Frederick R. Windsor's Troop) - many men reenlisting from other units from South Carolina, Georgia and Louisiana - Roster

Company C ( Danville Cavalry) - many men from Danville, Virginia - Roster

Compnay D (Petersburg Rangers or Letcher Mounted Guards) - many men from Petersburg, Virginia - Roster

Company E  (King & Queen Cavalry) - many men from King & Queen County- Roster

Company F (1st) (Shields Lancers or Dragoons - many men from  Richmond, Virginia - Roster

Company G (Randolph Cavalry)  - many men from Randolph County and Richmond, Virginia - Roster

Company H  - (James City Cavalry) (formerly Company I, 3rd Cavalry) many men from Williamsburg - Roster

Company I  (Captain Reuben B. Boston) (formerlyCaptain William H. Crank's Company, 3rd Virginia Artillery at Richmond, Virginia- Roster

Company K (Captain Charles Pannill's Company) -  many men from Petersburg, Virginia

Winfield's Company - Roster

 The information above is from 5th Virginia Cavalry, by Robert J. Driver, Jr

Other Sources[edit | edit source]

  • National Park Service, The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, is searchable by soldier's name and state. It contains basic facts about soldiers on both sides of the Civil War, a list of regiments, descriptions of significant battles, sources of the information, and suggestions for where to find additional information.

References[edit | edit source]

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