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Åbenrå County

Guide to Åbenrå ancestry, family history and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, parish registers, and military records.



Aabenraa County (Danish: Åbenrå Amt, former spelling: Aabenraa Amt) is a former province in Denmark, located on the east-central region of Southern Jutland. Aabenraa County was established in 1920 following the reunification of Denmark and South Jutland following the Schleswig Plebiscites. It was dissolved in 1970 when it merged with three other counties to form South Jutland County. Aabenraa County corresponded geographically to the former Prussian Kreis Apenrade combined with the larger part of Bov Parish and Frøslev municipality (Handewitt / Hanved Parish). Both were transferred from Kreis Flensburg with the establishment of the current Danish-German border. Aabenraa County and Sønderborg County merged in 1932, forming Aabenraa-Sønderborg County.

How to Find Birth, Marriage, and Death Information

Instructions for finding records are found on the individual parish pages, linked to the clickable map and parish list below. .

Census Records


  • Lundtoft
  • Rise
  • Sønder Rangstrup
BedstedHellevadEgvadØster LøgumLøjtRiseÅbenrå CityHjordkærBjolderupUgeEnstedKliplevFelstedVarnæsBovHolbølKværsAdsbølGråstenRinkenæsAabenraa Map.jpg


Map of parishes

Church Records

Probate Records


  • Augustenborgske gods
  • Ballegård gods
  • Ballegård og Bøjskovs gods
  • Blansgård gods
  • Bøgeskov gods
  • Bøjskov gods
  • Gråstenske gods
  • Grøngrøft gods
  • Ladegård gods
  • Nordborgske godser
  • Sandbjerg gods
  • Skovbølgård gods
  • Stoltelund gods
  • Søgård gods
  • Søgård og Åretoft godser
  • Årup gods