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<includeonly>This is a list of contributors who have Deutsch language abilities.

Can you help? - the Category:Deutsch translation requests lists pages that users have requested be translated into Deutsch.
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To add your user page to this category, add the following code to your user page:
{{User de}}

This code will generate the following userbox:
Vorlage:UBX-lang<includeonly></includeonly> <noinclude>
[create] Documentation


If you are not a native speaker review the template documentation about the parameters available to amend the template to match your abilities.

If you prefer not to display this userbox, you may instead add the following code to your user page:
<nowiki>[[Category:User </nowiki>de<nowiki>]]</nowiki>



This template has been created to add a description to the subcategory pages within Category:Users by language


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