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Austria, Vienna Population Cards, 1850-1896


Population cards for individual residents of the city of Vienna, Austria. The cards include: name; birth date and place; marital status; old and new places of residence; and dates of arrival and departure. Frequently the names of the spouse and children are listed. Many people from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Eastern Europe passed through Vienna and may be included on these cards. The broader collection was maintained from 1850 through 1928. The current publication, however, only includes information on individuals born before 1897 (115 years and older). The original registration slips are in the Vienna City and Provincial Archives (Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv).

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"Österreich, Niederösterreich, Wiener Meldezettel 1850-1896." Database with images. FamilySearch. : 8 February 2018. Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv (Municipal and Provincial Archives), Vienna.


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