Corporation of Trinity House records, 1609-1950

Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1995-1998
on 26 microfilm reels ; 35 mm.


Microfilm of original records in Guildhall Library, London.

Trinity House was a fraternity of seamen chartered originally in 1514 by Henry VIII as the Shipmen of Mariners of England. In 1685 James II granted the present charter to the "Guild, Fraternity, or Brotherhood of the Most Glorious and Undivided Trinity and of St. Clement in the parish of Deptford Stronde in the County of Kent." The original home of the corporation was at Deptford, but in the seventeenth century it was moved to London. It is now the general lighthouse authority for England and Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar; it is also the principal pilotage authority for England and Wales. The Elder Brethren act as nautical assessors in the House of Lords.

Guildhall Library nos.: 30004/1-24; 30008/1; 30010/1-36; 30030/1-7; 30045/1-2,4; 30048/1-4; 30051/1-4; 30087/1-2; 30172/1-2; 30173A; 03174/1-2; 3013; 30195/1; 30206; 30216/1-4; 30218/1-3; 30219/1; 30220/1- 2; 30279; 30307; 30311/1-3; 30312; 30324; 30335; 30338; 30344-30345; 30346/2, 4-5; 30347/2; 30218C/2; 30004/12A; 30010/12A-12B; 30010/13A; 30010/15A.



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