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Compiled records showing service of military units in Confederate organizations

Manuscript/Manuscript on Film
Washington, D.C. : National Archives & Records Administration, 1971
74 microfilm reels ; 16 mm.
National Archives microfilm publications; M0861


Microfilm of original records in the National Archives, Washington, District of Columbia.

"Because some records of the Confederate Army were lost or destroyed during the war and at its close, the compiled military histories of most units are incomplete. There are no record-of-events cards for a small number of state units that were mustered into Confederate service and for militia units that were never mustered into service"--Introd.

"The compiled records consist of jacket-envelopes bearing the names of the units and titled 'Captions and Record of Events.' These jacket-envelopes typically contain (1) caption cards showing the exact captions of the muster rolls as copied and the certificate of the mustering officer verifying the accuracy of the rolls; and (2) record-of-events cards containing information relating to the stations, movements or activities of each unit or a part of it, and sometimes to its organization or composition, strength and losses, and disbandment. The amount of information contained on a card varies. Some include only date and name of station of unit. Others give detailed accounts of the unit's operations and activities"--Introd.

"Most of the records are arranged alphabetically by state, thereunder by type of unit (cavalry, artillery, or infantry), followed by reserve, militia, local defense, conscript, prison guard, instruction, or other organizations. The arrangement of compiled records for units raised directly or otherwise by the Confederate government is similar except that the latter units are not broken down by state. Numbered units are listed first, followed alphabetically by the named units"--Military service records: a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications, p. 163.

"Some of the jacket-envelopes, particularly those titled 'Captions,' 'Rolls,' 'Instructions,' or 'Information,' do not contain card abstracts, but do contain information cards that serve as cross-references to records filed with other units. On the front of each jacket-envelope is a series of numbers that corresponds to the number of the back of each card in the jacket. The reverse side, which contains a number and a date stamp, was not filmed unless it contained additional information. The numbers and dates were stamped on the cards for control purposes at the time the compiled records were prepared. Later, notations were made on some jackets to indicate that clothing rolls of the units were extant. Card abstracts were prepared from information on these rolls and filed with compiled records of individual soldiers but not in the jacket-envelopes reproduced on this microfilm publication"--Introd.

"Preceeding the jacket-envelopes of most units are empty envelopes on which are listed the names of officers of the unit or, occasionally, only the name of the commanding officer. The letter "C" and the numbers "1" and "2," which follow names of officers, indicate the grades of captain, first lieutenant, and second lieutenant, respectively. The lists often include dates on which units were called into service and mustered out; dates of deaths, promotions, resignations,, or retirements of officers; and information relating to consolidations, transfers, disbandments, or other changes in the organization of units. A stamp reading 'All rolls filed herewith' appears on some of the lists, but no rolls are now filed with the lists. Similarly, the notation 'For references see inside,' which appears on some lists, should be disregarded as there are now no reference sheets in the envelopes"--Introd.

There are no record-of-events cards for a small number of state units that were mustered into Confederate service or for militia units that were never mustered into service. Lists of officers were prepared for many state militia units that were not mustered into service and for other organizations for which no rolls were found. These lists, which are filed under 'Miscellaneous' appear at the end of records of state units and at the end of records raised directly by the Confederate Government. With a few exceptions, no lists were prepared for units from North Carolina"--Military service records: a select catalog of National Archives microfilm publications, p. 163.



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