• "We are very pleased with the excellent cooperation we have enjoyed for many years between FamilySearch and the National Archives to microfilm and scan the Swedish church records. Now we are going to create an index that will revolutionize the genealogy research in Sweden. The simplicity of finding and reading about one’s ancestors on the Web in the millions of scanned records will attract many beginners of all ages. To the academic researcher, this is an entirely new means. It makes it possible to do research within disciplines on a micro level, an extent that was never possible before now."

    - Tomas Lidman
    Director, National Archives of Sweden (SVAR)

  • Niue Island Records Preservation

    After a category 5 cyclone devastated the small island nation of Niue in 2004, the records preserved by FamilySearch, the family history organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, become the only existing copies of many of the records. These government records were copied and restored to Niue to help with claims related to property and inheritance.

  • "It is my pleasure to declare that the National Archive of Peru is very happy with the cooperative relationship we maintain with FamilySearch. The results have been very positive, and it is already bearing beneficial fruits to the people of Peru. We are extremely pleased with and grateful for the help from FamilySearch."

    - Dr. Lizardo Pasquel Cobos
    Director, National Archive of Peru

  • Indiana Genealogical Society and Allen County Library

    Curt Witcher explains how the Indiana Genealogical Society and Allen County Library work with FamilySearch to index Indiana marriage records using FamilySearch indexing. The project energizes society members and demonstrates how they are helping to preserve and provide online access to local records.

  • "We are very excited about our FamilySearch partnership. FamilySearch microfilmed the records some time ago. Now they will digitize the 16,000 rolls of film. FamilySearch and the Belgian National Archive together with volunteers will create name indexes linked to the images. The finished project will be a great asset for archive patrons of these records. The cooperation has yielded satisfactory results for both parties for many years."

    - Karel Velle
    Director, Belgium National Archives

  • Alabama Department of Archives and History

    The Alabama Department of Archives and History describes the many activities, challenges, and changing needs of archives today. Partners like FamilySearch, technology changes, and volunteers all play vital roles in the future of record preservation, digitization, and the archives in general.

  • Video Testimonials

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