• Leadership

    FamilySearch is widely recognized as a trusted leader by archives throughout the world in preserving historical records. We are a pioneer in the use of technology and processes for image capture, digital conversion, preservation, online indexing, and online access. FamilySearch has received numerous awards for its work in supporting and developing preservation technologies and has been instrumental in setting the quality standards for microform and other preservation technologies.

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  • Preservation

    FamilySearch, historically known as the Genealogical Society of Utah, is dedicated to preserving the records of the family of mankind. Using leading technologies and preservation techniques, FamilySearch safeguards more than 3.5 billion images on microfilm, microfiche, and digital media. Our purpose is simple: to help people connect with their ancestors through easy access to historical records. We gladly join with others who share this vision.

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  • Collaboration

    FamilySearch currently has mutually beneficial agreements with more than 200 archives throughout the world. Over the years, FamilySearch has worked with more than 10,000 archives in over 100 countries throughout the world. It partners with archives in order to share best practices as well as to broaden user access to valuable historical records. Because it is an archive, FamilySearch understands the concerns of record sovereignty, provenance, and access control.

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Our Services

  • Image Capture

    Obtaining a preservation quality image is often the most costly and time-consuming step for records custodians. Microfilm has been the standard, but digital is emerging. Whether you opt to do it yourself or use one of our worldwide camera teams, we can help.

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  • Digital Conversion

    For record custodians who have a substantial collection of microfilm, FamilySearch can help you digitize your images using processes and software it has used to digitize its own collection of more than 2.4 million rolls of microfilm.

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  • Indexing

    Once an image is digitized, key data needs to be transcribed in order to produce a searchable index that patrons around the world can access. Our online indexing application harnesses volunteers from around the world to quickly and accurately create indexes.

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  • Online Access

    Whether your goal is to make your records freely available to the public or to help supplement your budget needs, FamilySearch can assist you.

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  • Preservation

    Preservation copies of microfilm, microfiche, and digital records from over 100 countries and spanning hundreds of years are safely stored in the Granite Mountain Records Vault—a long-term storage facility designed for preservation.

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