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FamilySearch Tree

This mobile companion to FamilySearch Family Tree puts the power of heritage in your hands. Easily attach photos, stories, and documents to add details and bring your family story to life.

"I love this app. I needed some family information on a son-in-law, and I was able to retrieve it in seconds! It saved so much time and was very helpful!"

Make a connection

Get to know your family story. Names you’ve only ever heard in passing come to life as you learn about your ancestors’ lives—the adventures and the routine, the defeats as well as the triumphs.

"I took the Family Tree app to a cemetery with my parents and children. There was a deep connection with our ancestors as we saw their photos and stories in the tree."
—Wendy H.

Share your discoveries

Learn something new about your family story while you wait—in a grocery line, for your laundry to dry, or at the airport. Share what you discover with your children at bedtime, or your parents on Facebook.

"Last night I used the Family Tree app to tell my 6-year-old a bedtime story. He was instantly entranced. Even after 45 minutes of reading stories, my son wanted more."
—Mike S.

Preserve a memory

Add your own favorite family photos, stories, and documents to the tree for others to enjoy for years to come. Simple tools help you create a family story that can influence generations.

"I helped a group of young women learn about Family Tree, and the room instantly came alive as they read about and added stories of people they know and love!”"
—Lynnae A.

Life stories archived free forever

Capture important family moments like holidays, reunions, and memorials as they happen or as you remember them. Your family memories are preserved forever for free, deep within the FamilySearch vaults.

"My family and I visited a few villages where my ancestors lived. It was great to have quick access to birth and death places, along with their photos."
—Sandy J.

Stories shared are stories remembered

The lives of our ancestors can make a difference in our lives today. FamilySearch Tree helps you share that impact with family through your favorite social networks, or, of course, in person.

Connect with your ancestors, archive their stories, and share your family legacy for generations to come.

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