Capture and Preserve Family History


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Family memories

FamilySearch Memories helps you capture priceless family moments to preserve and share with family now and into the future. It works anywhere—even when you don’t have Internet access.

Save stories for the kids

Share family stories, jokes, and sayings with your kids and your kids’ kids. Add faces to the names by attaching photos. Make bedtime, car rides, or any family get-together immediately more meaningful.

"Memories made for an awesome family night. We listened to stories I’ve never heard before. I can imagine sharing my dad’s life stories, told in his own voice, with my grandkids!"
—Janna A.

Record a life story or two

Interview family members, and record important details of their lives and unique experiences. Save meaningful memories before it’s too late. Your entire family will be grateful you did.

Tag people to Family Tree

Identify the people featured in a photo, story, or recording to automatically add that memory to the individual’s collection in FamilySearch Family Tree. Learn more about the FamilySearch Tree app.

"I saw my ancestors differently. There were things I had missed seeing before. I love that I can tap into tags and see the photo with and without names."
—Dan P.

Moments stored free forever

Capture and preserve important family events like recitals, graduations, reunions, and memorials. FamilySearch Memories automatically stores these precious moments free forever, within the FamilySearch vaults.

Memories shared are memories remembered

Family stories of struggle and triumph, the exceptional and the ordinary, can create traditions that impact generations. Simple social tools make every moment you capture instantly sharable, instantly impactful.

"I spent three weeks in France where my mother was born and raised. Many times I showed pictures from the Memories app to cousins, aunts, and uncles, as we talked about our ancestors."
—Sandy J.

Capture and preserve your memories so they’re never forgotten and shared for generations to come.

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