A brief genealogical and biographical record of Charles Roscoe Howland, brothers and forebears

A biographical work, this book also includes the genealogy of the author Charles Roscoe Howland. "Charles Roscoe Howland, Brigadier General, U.S. Army: b. a few minutes before midnight, Feb. 16-17, 1871."--P. 96. The son of William Perry and Esther Elizabeth Leonard Howland, he with the other three children in the family " ... were born, baptized in the Congregational Church, and raised to adult manhood at Jefferson, O[hio]."--P.84 Charles had a long and successful career in the U. S. Army, retiring in 1935. He is a descendant of John Howland who came to America on the May Flower and settled at Plymouth Colony. Ancestors and relatives lived in England, Massachusetts, Connecticutt, Rhode Island, Ohio and elsewhere.

Howland, Charles Roscoe
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