Delafield, the family history, Vol. 1

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Delafield, John Ross, 1874-
Delafield family
de la Ffelde family
Hunt family
Langton family
Manningham family
Monyngham family
Vere family
Veary family
Abbott family
Achard family
Alsop family
Arnold family
Claymond family
Audley family
Barnewell family
Bassett family
Bath family
Beek family
Blount family
Boller family
Bonse family
Boteler family
Brocas family
Farnborough family
Brown family
Butler family
Carter family
Cassy family
Clark family
Cokesey family
Coleshull family
Collins family
Cornell family
Culworth family
Gascoigne family
Cusak family
Dell family
Drummond family
Dunstanville family
Erisey family
Feake family
Fisher family
Fones family
Franklin family
Gobion family
Gascon family
Godolphin family
Golafre family
Gurney family
Harmon family
Hayle family
Headeach family
Herdebergh family
Lutterell family
Moore family
Pantulf family
Gaskin family
Plaisted family
Poer family
Policot familiy
Porter family
Quadrying family
Roches family
Sanky family
Sargent family
Smith family
Stevens family
Hallett family
Symons family
Tailour family
Thomas family
Tuitt family
Turville family
Underhill family
White family
Whitton family
Winthrop family
Woolsey family
Hollet family
Winter family
Hazard family
2 v. (1063 p., [232] leaves of plates) : ill., coats of arms (some col.), facsims., geneal. tables, maps, ports.
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