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How to Use the Planner

To access the Planner, first go to Helper Resources. You’ll see a section of the page titled “People You Are Helping.” This is where you either enter the Planner for the person you are helping—or request permission to begin helping someone new.

Screenshot of the Helper Resources page

Once you enter, you’ll find a navigation bar for initiating a variety of tasks. These include viewing the person’s family tree, taking notes, exploring discovery activities, asking for help, planning for a personalized family history experience, and more.

Below you’ll find a more detailed description of the Planner’s many offerings.

People You Are Helping

This is the section on Helper Resources that lists the names of the people you are helping. The people list has been organized into 3 categories:

If a person has already accepted you invitation to help them, you can click their name. You will immediately enter the Planner on their behalf.

Otherwise, you’ll need to wait. Instructions for adding someone new to the Planner are next.

Add Someone to the Planner

To add someone to the Planner, simply click the button titled Add Someone to the Planner. You will then have the option of either sending the person an invitation by email to join your list—or adding the person to the list yourself by entering his or her username and helper number.

Of course, this second option assumes you have spoken to the person and obtained the information in advance.

Note: A helper number is an identification number that allows you to use on behalf of someone else. A person is assigned a helper number as soon as he or she creates an account. It is listed under Settings.

If you decide to send the invitation by email, you will receive a notification informing you when they accept. The person’s name will shortly appear in the list titled Added or Accepted.

Expiration Notification

The names of people you are helping remain on your list for one year. A notification appears when that year is about to expire. It includes an option for renewing your access, in case you’re still helping.

Removing a Name

To remove a name from your list, simply hover the mouse cursor over the name, and click the Delete icon.

If using a mobile device, select the name and slide left. This reveals the Delete icon. Tap the icon to delete the name.

Entering the Planner

Selecting a name will take you to the Planner. The information you see will be specific to the person you are helping, as will the notes and any plans that you record.

Screenshot of the Planner

Navigation and Display of Planner

Within the Planner, the name of the person you are helping is published in a green banner at the top of the page. Clicking the white X will end your helper session with that person and return you to the Helper Resources page.

The Navigation panel appears on the left-hand side of the Planner. It offers quick access to the following tools and resources:

Go to Helper Resources

Select a language

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