Ukraine was home to a large Jewish population prior to WWII. Learn about various websites and resources that can help you trace your Jewish Roots in Ukraine.
Much of what is now in modern day eastern Ukraine was formerly a part of the Russian Empire. Learn about Russian Empire specific record types as well as how to locate them online.
Once you’ve determined where in Ukraine your ancestor is from, you’ll need to locate the town in websites, maps, and gazetteers to not only determine its modern-day location, but its historical jurisdictions. Whether your ancestor was from Galicia, the Russian Empire or anywhere in between, we’ll learn about resources that can help you locate the important civil and religious jurisdictions necessary to locate records.
A portion of western Ukraine as well as southeastern Poland, was a part of a historical and geographic region known as Galicia. Learn about Galician records, how to locate them online, and tips for research.
Get started with your research in the Kingdom of Hungary and Croatia-Slavonia by learning to identify religious jurisdictions, such as where the parish or synagogue were located, and civil jurisdictions including the location of the civil registration office.
Get started with your research in the Kingdom of Hungary by learning to identify civil and religious jurisdictions to help you locate vital records.
Explore billions of records in the former Russian Empire and Soviet Union to find family across different eras, from tsars to the Soviet Republics.