Do you find yourself confused with Nordic naming practices? This class will walk you through the naming practices for the countries of Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Demark - explaining their similarities and differences. It will also outline good practices on how to navigate these naming patterns as you input your family into FamilySearch Family Tree.Go to the following timestamps to learn about your desired country's naming pattern: Sweden 5:00Finland 12:23Denmark 26:00Norway 32:04
Between 1864 and 1917 it’s difficult to find an unknown biological father in Swedish records. Gratefully, this is within range to use autosomal DNA data as a tool to solve the problem. Come learn how autosomal DNA was used to find a biological father in a case study scenario.
This class will teach where to look for living relatives and how to follow their ancestors in earlier records for Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.
Learn how to search FamilySearch indexes to find vital information for your Swedish Ancestors.
If a person lived during the time when patronymic naming was used, please follow these guidelines when entering the name into Family Tree.
This class offers guidance and suggestions for the data entry of Nordic ancestors into the Family Tree including data entry of persons names, place names, preventing duplication, and sourcing.
This class is an overview of Swedish moving in and out records. In this class you will learn what Swedish moving in and out records are, where to find them, and how to interpret them at a basic level.
In this class, Geoff Morris goes live and demonstrates several of the most useful online tools for Swedish genealogy such as ArkivDigital, MyHeritage, DISBYT, EmiWeb, the Swedish Death Index, etc.
This class demonstrates the latest advances made by ArkivDigital, and demonstrates how the tools it offers can be used to find your family much quicker and easier
This class teaches how to use many of the wonderful genealogical records available for Swedish military personnel from the early 17th century down to the modern day.
This lesson teaches the Swedish naming customs that were popular during the time of genealogical records as well as a few laws that affected surnames.
How to use Swedish travel papers to help extend your ancestry
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